[R] passing arguments to FUN in lapply

From: Pingping Zheng <pingping.zheng_at_lancaster.ac.uk>
Date: Fri 18 Mar 2005 - 22:40:15 EST

Suppose I have a nx2 matrix of data, X, the following code generate density estimation for each column and plot them

denlist <- apply(X, 2, density)
lapply(denlist, plot)

Does anyone know how to change the main title of each density plot to "var 1", "var 2" by passing optional argument "main"? I've tried

lapply(denlist, plot, main=c("var 1", "var 2")) which generates two same titles "var 1/var 2" and "var 1/var 2"

lapply(denlist, plot, main=list("var 1", "var 2")) which generates two same titles "var 1"

Both are not I want.

Pingping Zheng
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Fylde College
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YF

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