Re: [R] Installation problem MacOS X

From: Rob J Goedman <>
Date: Sat 19 Mar 2005 - 02:48:30 EST


By application, you mean R or the R + GUI (

Please check if you have an existing .RData file in the directory where you start R.
If it's and X11 was used when .RData was saved, X11 needs to run when the restore takes

Mac OS issues might be better raised on R-SIG-Mac (


On Mar 18, 2005, at 3:16 AM, Hector L. Ayala-del-Rio wrote:

> R gurus
> I have tried to install the R 2.0.1 binary for OS X and although
> the installation was successful I can get the application going. When
> I double click the icon R tries to load (R window shows briefly) and
> it quits immediately. This behavior was described in this list before
> and nobody found the answer to the problem. If you try to load the x11
> version by typing "R" at the command line it loads up with no problem.
> This means that the app is partially working and there are no
> permissions issue. The most interesting thing is if I log to a
> different account (Dummy) and I double click the application it loads
> with no problem. This makes me think that there has to be some type
> of user specific file or directory that is causing the gui to quit.
> Any suggestions on what file(s) could be affecting R?
> Thanks
> Hector
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