[R] Basic questions about RMySQL

From: De la Vega Góngora Jorge <jvega_at_banxico.org.mx>
Date: Sat 19 Mar 2005 - 03:57:58 EST


Please forget me if I am asking something that is well documented. I have read documentation but there are points that are not clear for me. I am not expert in R nor Databases, but if someone direct me to a tutorial, I will appreciate it..

  1. In my understanding, I can install and use RMySQL withouth having to install MySQL in my PC, to have access to and to create new tables . Is this right?
  2. I have created a c:\my.cnf file to access a database I have, but withouth installing the server, where I can define the user, password and host to establish a connection?

Thanks in advance

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