[R] Hmisc & latex

From: Michaell Taylor <Michaell.Taylor_at_boxwoodmeans.com>
Date: Sat 19 Mar 2005 - 06:46:25 EST

Hmisc includes a latex function which typesets objects in latex. A great time saver.

I am using it to create a large number of tables in a loop in conjuction with prettyNum to place '000s separators in the numbers (i.e. 1,000,000 not 1000000). This converts the numbers to strings. The Hmisc/latex default is to left justify characters - which doesn't work in this case.

Hmisc/latex seems to have lots of options, but not one that I was expecting. I am having trouble specifying column justification. I can specify justification for column labels, column label groups, row labels, even table justification --- but not the justification of the data within the table.

I am convinced that I am missing something. Am I? or this just a "yet to be coded" feature. Thanks in advance.


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