Re: [R] newbie question about beta distribution

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Sun 20 Mar 2005 - 23:16:54 EST

 <faisal99 <at>> writes:

: hi everyone,
: I'm still a newbie in statistics,
: I have a question about beta distribution, that is,
: On the ref/tutorials I've found on the net, why beta distribution always
: have value p(x) more than 1?

Consider the uniform distribution on the interval (0, 1/a) whose probability density graph is a horizontal line at a. If a > 1 then the probability density is greater than 1 for every point of its support showing the the density can indeed exceed 1.

: As I know, any probability density function always have value not more
: than 1?
: is there any one who can explain to me, I'm not statistics people, but I
: need to code that needing some of this distribution function.
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