[R] anomalous result for wilcox.exact in exactRankTests

From: Roger Levy <rog_at_stanford.edu>
Date: Mon 21 Mar 2005 - 16:21:49 EST


In the exactRankTest package, I've become aware that you can get anomalous p-values (i.e., above 1) from the wilcox.exact method, as in:

> wilcox.exact(c(-0.6,0.8,-0.5))

        Exact Wilcoxon signed rank test

  data: c(-0.6, 0.8, -0.5)
  V = 3, p-value = 1.25
  alternative hypothesis: true mu is not equal to 0

This is disturbing. Has anyone encountered this before, and if so is there an obvious reason why this should happen?



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