[R] rpart memory problem

From: <jenniferbecq_at_free.fr>
Date: Tue 22 Mar 2005 - 03:13:50 EST

Hi everyone,

I have a problem using rpart (R 2.0.1 under Unix)

Indeed, I have a large matrix (9271x7), my response variable is numeric and all my predictor variables are categorical (from 3 to 8 levels).

Here is an example :

> mydata[1:5,]

                  distance group3 group4 group5 group6 group7 group8
pos_1    0.141836040224967      a      c      e      a      g      g
pos_501  0.153605961621317      a      a      a      a      g      g
pos_1001 0.152246705384699      a      c      e      a      g      g
pos_1501 0.145563737522463      a      c      e      a      g      g
pos_2001 0.143940027378837      a      c      e      e      g      g

When using rpart() as follow, the program runs for ages, and after a few hours, R is abruptly killed :

fit <- rpart(distance ~ ., data = mydata)

When I change the categorical variables into numeric values (e.g. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, etc...), the program runs normally in a few seconds. But this is not what I want because it separates my variables according to "group7 > 4.5" (continuous) and not "group7 = a,b,d,f" or "c,e,g" (discrete).

here is the result :

n= 9271

node), split, n, deviance, yval

When I create a small dataframe such as the example above, e.g. :

distance = rnorm(5,0.15,0.01)
group3 = c("a","a","a","a","a")
group4 = c("c","a","c","c","c")
group5 = c("e","a","e","e","e")
group6 = c("a","a","a","a","e")

smalldata = data.frame(cbind(distance,group3,group4,group5,group6))

The program runs normally in a few seconds.

Why does it work using the large dataset whith only numeric values but not with categorical predictor variables ?

I have the impression that it considers my response variable also as a categorical variable and therefore it can't handle 9271 levels, which is quite normal. Is there a way to solve this problem ?

I thank you all for your time and help,

Jennifer Becq

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