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I'm not sure i got your question right, but i think the whole point is to find the equation of a line which passes by two points See ?lm


Le 21.03.2005 11:09, a écrit :

>Hello R-Helpers..
>I am still new in R and I have the following question..
>I am applying the function chull on a 2D dataset and have the convex hull
>calculated and plotted.
>Do you know if there is a way to extract the coordinates of the line created
>from the connection of the chull data points..
>I have alredy tried with "approx" to lineary interpolate but its not working
>correctly since the interpolated values sometimes fall inside the convex .
>Using the "yleft" or "yright" doesnt seem to help..
>Any suggestions?
>Thank you in advance
>Achilleas Psomas
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