Re: [R] Generating Interaction Factors (combinations of Data Frame columns)

From: Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen <>
Date: Tue 22 Mar 2005 - 04:13:00 EST

Thomas Hopper wrote:

> I'm starting to do a fair amount of DOE in my day job and need to
> generate full- and fractional-factorial designs.
> One of the things I'd like to do is generate all possible interaction
> effects, given the main effects. I've been searching through the
> documentation, packages and mail list archives, but the closest I can
> find are combin() in package combinat and combine() and combinations()
> in gregsmisc, none of which actually produces the results I want.
> Given a data frame with columns labeled A, B, C and D, I would like to
> generate a data frame with columns that are the combination of each of
> the columns in the original data frame. The output columns would be
> A*B, A*C, A*D, A*E, A*B*C, A*B*D,..., A*B*C*D.
> Alternatively, I'd want to generate the interactions for a given level
> (2-factor or 3-factor).
> If such a function already exists, I'd be more than happy to use it.
> If it doesn't, I can write it, but I would appreciate a little help
> with the algorithm for generating the do I loop
> through the given factors to generate all possible combinations?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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