[R] Lattice : factor levels in the margins

From: Yves Brostaux <brostaux.y_at_fsagx.ac.be>
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005 - 01:53:32 EST

Hello !

I'm struggling again against lattice graprhics. ;) I'm trying to produce a conditionnal xyplot with two conditionning factors (let's say A and B). I want the levels of those factors (A1, A2, etc) to show in the margins of the lattice plot, not in the strips between the panels.

A1 A2 A3

plot11 plot12 plot13 B1

plot21 plot22 plot23 B2

I managed to remove the strips with strip=FALSE, but now I can't find how to write the levels of the factors in the margin in front of their respective lines/columns. It doesn't seems that xlab and ylab arguments could help doing this, as I can't insert multiple xlab's (x variable and A levels, or y variable and B levels) and can't decide which side to use for writing them.

Does anybody have a hint ? Thank you very much !

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