[R] LME correlation structures: user defined

From: Michael Jerosch-Herold <jeroschh_at_ohsu.edu>
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005 - 04:20:08 EST

Let me modify my question about user-defined covariance structures for LME models: Can somebody tell me how I can see the code for the definition of the correlation structures that come with the NLME package. Specifically I like to see the code for the functions coef, corMatrix, and intialize for any of the pre-defined correlation structures, and use this as a template to define a new correlation structure. So how do I see e.g. the code for the method initialize for the correlation structure corExp or corARMA?

thank you in advance!

Michael Jerosch-Herold

PS: Oh, and if somebody could still send me example code for a user defined correlation structure I would much appreciate it, as my previous requests for help have not yielded any response.

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