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From: Giovanni Petris <GPetris_at_uark.edu>
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005 - 04:23:36 EST


I am writing a package called 'DLM' containing a vignette. The vignette contains a chunck with the function call 'library(DLM)'. This worked fine with 'R CMD check DLM', but when it comes to building the package with 'R CMD build DLM' I get the following error message:

Error: chunk 1
Error in library(DLM) : There is no package called 'DLM' Error in buildVignettes(dir = ".") : Error: chunk 1 Error in library(DLM) : There is no package called 'DLM' Execution halted

It looks to me as if I should have the package already installed before building it... I have read the article by F. Leisch on package vignettes in R News 3/2 and looked at the source for 'strucchange', but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Any suggestions you can provide are more than welcome!

Thank you in advance,

> version

platform sparc-sun-solaris2.8

arch     sparc               
os       solaris2.8          
system   sparc, solaris2.8   
major    2                   
minor    0.1                 
year     2004                
month    11                  
day      15                  
language R                   


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