Re: [R] LME correlation structures: user defined

From: Simon Blomberg <>
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005 - 10:56:46 EST

>Let me modify my question about user-defined covariance structures
>for LME models: Can somebody tell me how I can see the code for the
>definition of the correlation structures that come with the NLME
>package. Specifically I like to see the code for the functions coef,
>corMatrix, and intialize for any of the pre-defined correlation
>structures, and use this as a template to define a new correlation
>structure. So how do I see e.g. the code for the method initialize
>for the correlation structure corExp or corARMA?

I'm interested in this too. Go to CRAN and download the source code for the nlme package. ungzip and untar it. Got to the R subdirectory. Inside that is a file called corStruct.R with all the method definitions for the built-in corStruct classes. Reading those should help.



>thank you in advance!
>Michael Jerosch-Herold
>PS: Oh, and if somebody could still send me example code for a user
>defined correlation structure I would much appreciate it, as my
>previous requests for help have not yielded any response.
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