RE: [R] alternative to 'groups' for lattice bwplot()

From: Mulholland, Tom <>
Date: Wed 23 Mar 2005 - 17:39:58 EST

I'm afraid you have lost me. What is it that you want that reordering the formula does not achieve.

bwplot(yield ~ year | site, data = barley) has sites next to each other. If the lattice structure is your issue (it appears you wish to remove the structure and replace it with a wider space) then I guess you might find writing your own code easier than forcing lattice to be something other than itself.

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> Subject: [R] alternative to 'groups' for lattice bwplot()
> Hi,
> Is there some alternative to the 'groups' argument in lattice's bwplot
> function for boxplots? Say in the example below:
> bwplot(yield ~ site | year, data = barley)
> you want to have two side by side boxplots per site,
> corresponding to each
> year in the barley data frame. Ideally, the space between
> boxplots of the
> same site should be smaller than that between boxplots of
> different sites.
> This seemed like a job for the 'groups' argument, but
> panel.bwplot doesn't
> take it. I saw that boxplot() might do this for the particular example
> above, but not for a more complex one with additional conditioning
> variables (as in my actual problem).
> I thought I'd find something about this in the archives, but
> I'm either
> not using the right keywords or the question hasn't come up yet.

> Some help on how to deal with this please?
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