Re: [R] tapply and NA value

From: Ales Ziberna <>
Date: Fri 25 Mar 2005 - 20:59:10 EST

I am not really sure what you mean. If I understand you correctly, than all ylu have to do is to give additiona parameter to tapply, na.rm=TRUE,

tapply(...., na.rm=TRUE)

However as I already said, I'm not sure what you did and what is the problem. Plese provide the code that did not work, possibly with a workable example, as the posting guide suggests:
"PLEASE do read the posting guide!"

I hope this helps in anyway,
Ales Ziberna

> Hi,
> I'm writing for a little help.
> I have a dataframe with same NA value and I'd like to obtain the means of
> the
> value of a coloumn grouped by the levels of a factor coloumn of the
> datframe.
> I'm using the function "tapply" but I see that if only a NA value is
> present
> the result is NA.
> There is an option to have the correct result or I must use an other
> function?
> Thanks of all
> Leonardo
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