Re: [R] p values when using rlm

From: Marc Schwartz <>
Date: Sun 27 Mar 2005 - 13:15:19 EST

On Sat, 2005-03-26 at 20:36 -0500, John Sorkin wrote:
> R 2.0.1
> Linux
> I am using rlm() to fit a model, e.g. fit1<-rlm(y~x). My model is more
> complex than the one shown.
> When I enter summary(fit1)
> I get estimates for the model's coefficients along with their SEs, and
> t values, but no p values. The p value column is blank.
> Similarly, when I enter anova(fit1) I get DF, Sum Sq, Mean Sq, but the
> column for F value and Pr(>F) are blank.
> Any suggestions that will allow me to get the p values for summary, the
> F and p values for anova?
> Thanks,
> John


Perhaps these two posts may be of help to you:

I also located via a Google search the f.robftest() function in the 'sfsmisc' package on CRAN:

but I would have to defer to the respective authors as to the pros and cons of any of these approaches.

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