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From: Chloe ARCHINARD <Chloe.ARCHINARD_at_cefe.cnrs.fr>
Date: Tue 29 Mar 2005 - 19:57:25 EST

Hello all,
I'm a new user of R and I have used the spdep package to calculate Moran's I estimates. I used the dnearneigh() function and moran.test() function and obtained what I wanted, but now I want to plot my results with the p-values. I regrouped my results for the Moran's I like
>m=c(m1$e,m2$e...) #m1 contain the results of the moran.test for lag1

The problem is that in mx$e there are three values (moran'I statistic, expectation and variance) and when I plot my results I plot all the three values for each lag. What should I do to choose only the statistic for plotting and maybe the variance for each I statistic? (For the p-value it's ok I have found how to differentiate the significant and non significant values.) I hope someone understand my question and could help me! Thanks a lot.

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