[R] Re: follow up on "pairewise plots"

From: Hai Lin <kevinvol2002_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed 30 Mar 2005 - 04:10:30 EST


Thank you all for the inputs. It's great of help.

The above solution also opens my mind that I could convert my data to an array.

dat <- data.frame(matrix(sample(24), nrow=4)) dimnames(dat) <-list(rownames=c('g1','g2','g3','g4'), colnames=c("A_CH1","A_CH2","B_CH1","B_CH2","C_CH1","C_CH2"))

Sorry for the typo. (C_CH1, C_CH2)

dat2 <- array(unlist(dat), dim=c(4,2,3)) and then plot them using Dimitris' solution.

Other statements of converting form are welcomed...

Thanks again.

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