Re: [R] Annotation metadata "kills"

From: Seth Falcon <>
Date: Wed 30 Mar 2005 - 04:16:15 EST

Seth Falcon <> writes:

> Hi Gerard,
> "Gerard Tromp" <> writes:
>> OS: Windows
>> R 2.0.1
>> As of about a week ago the function dies when used in the simple
>>"something") usage.
>> The error is
>> Error in rbind(...) : number of columns of matrices must match (see arg 203)
>> After some effort I have traced it down to the annotation packages. I
>> installed
>> GO, KEGG, mgu74[abc]v2 and hgu133plus2 all version 1.7.0
> We (the Bioconductor team) will look into this and see if we can
> reproduce what you are reporting. This is the first we've heard of
> difficulties with the help system caused by the annotation data
> packages.

We are not able to reproduce this issue. If you reinstall the annotation packages does the error reappear?

If so, an exact transcript of the commands entered, their output, and the output of traceback() right after the error would be helpful --- and it would be best to move the discussion to the bioconductor list.

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