Re: [R] Finding the "height of a line of text" for axis

From: Steven J. Murdoch <>
Date: Thu 31 Mar 2005 - 09:00:12 EST

Thanks for your reply.

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 08:03:10AM -0600, Marc Schwartz wrote:
> or even something like this:
> plot(1:5, axes = FALSE)
> axis(1, col.axis = "white", col = "red", tcl = 1)
> axis(1, col.axis = "white", col = "white", tcl = 0)
> axis(2, col.axis = "white", col = "red", tcl = 1)
> axis(2, col.axis = "white", col = "white", tcl = 0)

This is the effect I am trying to achieve. I did try the route of overdrawing in white, but decided against it. The reason I haven't used that, is that firstly I wasn't sure if there would be some rounding error in a printer which would cause the background to appear. Secondly, the end of the ticks look weird due to the different line end types:

Changing to square caps might help, but I was hoping there would be a nice solution that would let me keep round caps. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Steven Murdoch.


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