[R] Using kmeans given cluster centroids and data with NAs

From: <Sophie.Bestley_at_csiro.au>
Date: Thu 31 Mar 2005 - 13:33:25 EST


I have used the functions agnes and cutree to cluster my data (4977 objects x 22 variables) into 8 clusters. I would like to refine the solution using a k-means or similar algorithm, setting the initial cluster centres as the group means from agnes. However my data matrix has NA's in it and the function kmeans does not appear to accept this?

> dim(centres)

[1] 8 22

> dim(data)

[1] 4977 22

> x <- kmeans(data,centres)

Error in kmeans(data, centres) : NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)

I have looked extensively through the mail archives but cannot find if/where someone has provided the answer.

Thanks in advance,

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