[R] Weighted median for matrices

From: Jakob Petersen <jakob.petersen_at_qmul.ac.uk>
Date: Thu 31 Mar 2005 - 20:57:33 EST

I am working with a matrix (x),

where rows are non-overlapping geographical areas (postcodes; here denoted with letter row names),

and columns are income bands with a central value (e.g. 7.5k, here denoted x1,x2, etc.).

The data are counts (how many households with 0-5k pa, 5-10k pa?, etc.)  

I would like to summarise this data set.

First row-wise as suggested by Henrik Bengtsson (www.maths.lth.se/help/R/R.classes/
<http://www.maths.lth.se/help/R/R.classes/> ), example:  

library (R.basic)




wm <- apply(x, MARGIN=1, FUN=weighted.median, w=w, na.rm=TRUE)


Secondly, I would like to aggregate rows (postcodes) into bigger units according additional factor vectors (higher administrative order or environmental attributes).

I would be grateful for ideas to how I can achieve this in our R.  



R ver 2.01 (Windows)

R.basic ver 0.59  

Jakob Petersen

GISc student (MSc)

Birkbeck, University of London

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