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From: David Forrest <>
Date: Sat 02 Apr 2005 - 02:44:14 EST

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Frank E Harrell Jr wrote:

> I wish to perform brain surgery this afternoon at 4pm and don't know
> where to start. My background is the history of great statistician
> sports legends but I am willing to learn. I know there are courses and
> numerous books on brain surgery but I don't have the time for those.
> Please direct me to the appropriate HowTos, and be on standby for
> solving any problem I may encounter while in the operating room. Some
> of you might ask for specifics of the case, but that would require my
> following the posting guide and spending even more time than I am
> already taking to write this note.

Try:<-function (string){

    RURL = ""     RSearchURL = paste(RURL, "?",

        string, sep = "")
}<-function (string){

    RURL = ""     RSearchURL = paste(RURL, "?q=", string, sep = "")     browseURL(RSearchURL)



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