Re: [R] R mailing list archive difficulty

From: François Pinard <>
Date: Sat 02 Apr 2005 - 13:14:13 EST

> [Fran�ois Pinard]
> I would like to get hold on a copy of R mailing lists archives [...]

[Jonathan Baron]
> the archives themselves are at [...] (and probably listed in other
> places).

Thanks a lot for bringing me to this URL. I've been there before, but did not realise on first visit that the archives were also offered in non-HTML format, one file per month. I got them all now. That will allow me to massage these files over the weekend, thanks!

> It isn't clear to me why you want to download the whole thing.

I'm absolutely no spammer, do not fear me! :-)

> It is HUGE, not exactly for "perusal."

Yes. The growth was already accelerating in 2001 and 2002, and I see the trend did not revert. I'm expecting a big set of files overall.

The idea is really perusal, yet maybe a little more seriously that a butterfly would do. Web browsers are _so_ inappropriate for fast perusal of such archives that I find more convenient (yet undoubtedly heavy) to download everything, and then use good email tools locally.

No doubt that search engines are very precious and powerful tools for when you look for something precise. This is not my case yet...

Fran�ois Pinard

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