RE: [R] is a very big graphics-device

From: Ted Harding <>
Date: Sat 02 Apr 2005 - 23:33:18 EST

On 02-Apr-05 Martin Maechler wrote:
> Hi Ted,
> in my Redhat / GNOME setup, I can grab windows using <Alt> +
> <left mouse button> anywhere,
> not just at the top bar to drag them around.
> I'm not entirely sure if this "<Alt>-key + Mouse" is standard,
> but I'm quite sure it's the default in other (Unixy)
> environments / setups as well.
> If the above is useful, you can ``reply to yourself'' on R-help
> if you want.
> Best regards,
> Martin

Yes, you're right, Martin (and I did know that, but temporarily did not know that I knew ... ).

Even so, while I can drag the window down off the screen, I still cannot push to top bar off the top of the screen.

So it still doesn't work for trying to make a window taller than the screen, since you can't pull what's below the screen up!

I think, however, that Sean Davis's suggestion of viewing PDFs is probably more practical, though more cumbersome in the creation.

Another image viewer with useful facility is the 'display' program in ImageMagick. If the image extends beyond the bounds of the 'display' window, you get a tiny auxiliary "pan window" where the 'display' window is represented as a rectangle inside a thumbnail of the image. You drag the rectangle around to get different parts of the image into the 'display' window.

Also, 'display' supports a wide variety of image formats.

It will be interesting to see other suggestiosn for this problem!

Best wishes,

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