[R] RMySQL question

From: simone gabbriellini <ogabbrie_at_tin.it>
Date: Sun 03 Apr 2005 - 07:10:52 EST

Dear List,
I have this little problem:

I work with adiacency matrix like:

data	me you
me 	0	1
you	1	0

I store those matrix in a mysql database

actually I use RMySQL with:

res<-dbSendQuery(connection, "SELECT * FROM table") myDataFrame<-fetch(res)

to retrive the table, and I have

    data me you

1  io     0     1
2  tu     1     0

I would like the first column to be seen not as data, but as label, like:

data me you

io      0     1
tu      1     0

should I change something in the table structure in mysql, or should I tell R something particular like "the first column is not data"? If so, how?

hope I have expressed well my intent
thanx in advance


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