Re: [R] French Curve

From: dream home <>
Date: Mon 04 Apr 2005 - 03:40:56 EST

Thanks so much, Martin, Martyn, Marc and others for your insightful input on French Curve.

>From how the chemist is using the French Curve now, it seems he is using for
spline. Basically, he has two curves from spectrometry data. To find the area underneath one curve without the noise area, he uses French Curve MANUALLY (on a piece of paper) and draws the French Curve on one curve (the curve of the area interested). Then he moves the French curve parallel to the other curve (b). The area underneath where French Curve from the other Curve (b) touches on the curve of interested is considered noise area. After all these hard work, he MANUALLY uses ruler again and draws the retangular bin and tries his best the get the area of interest.

Does it sound like spline work do the job? It would be hard to persuave him to use some modern math technique but he did ask me to help him implement the French Curve so he can do his work in Excel, rather than PAPER.

Thanks again for your help.


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