[R] nlme & SASmixed in 2.0.1

From: Murray Jorgensen <maj_at_stats.waikato.ac.nz>
Date: Wed 06 Apr 2005 - 09:40:43 EST

I assigned a class the first problem in Pinheiro & Bates, which uses the data set PBIB from the SASmixed package. I have recently downloaded 2.0.1 and its associated packages. On trying


I get a warning message
Warning message:

replacing previous import: coef in: namespaceImportFrom(self, asNamespace(ns))

after library(nlme) and a "pairs" type plot of PBIB.

Pressing on I get:

> lme1 <- lme(response ~ Treatment, data=PBIB, random =~1| Block)
> summary(lme1)

Error: No slot of name "rep" for this object of class "lme" Error in deviance(object@rep, REML = REML) :

         Unable to find the argument "object" in selecting a method for function "deviance"

Everything works fine under 1.8.1 and plot(PBIB) is of trellis style, which is what I think the authors intend.

Cheers, Murray Jorgensen

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