Re: [R] error messages on R CMD check

From: Johannes Hüsing <>
Date: Wed 06 Apr 2005 - 18:01:08 EST

Hallo Uwe,
Uwe Ligges schrieb:
> In Johannes' case, the problem is different, because the error message
> is not that clear.
> Johannes, can you install and load the package? Is the DESCRIPTION file
> correct? If so, you might want to send the package in a private message...

I have found the root of the error: I renamed some functions without renaming them in the export statement of the NAMESPACE file. Silly me. Thanks for offering help, and good thing I didn't send you the stuff.

It would be good to add your suggestions to the R-exts document: If the error messages after R CMD check do not sound helpful, try building and loading the package and see what the system has to say about this.


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