Re: [R] R can not show plots (in Mac OS X terminal)

From: Minyu Chen <>
Date: Thu 07 Apr 2005 - 01:26:24 EST

Thank you very much. This is very informative and I already save it for future reference. Now I got the double clicking icon (quite mysteriously, since I tried several ways recommended by others, so I don't know which one make it works).

Minyu Chen
On 6 Apr 2005, at 16:11, Don MacQueen wrote:

> Did you install R from source code, or did you install the binary?
> If you installed the binary, then you can start R by double-clicking
> on the R application icon. Then your default graphics device will not
> require X windows, and will be fully interactive (in the R sense).
> If you installed from source code, you may or may not have the
> double-clickable application, depending on what configuration options
> you specified.
> If you don't want to use the GUI interface provided by the binary
> download, then you will have the best results if you work in the X
> windows environment, in my opinion (there are other opinions). You can
> work in the X windows environment with either the binary
> installation, or if you installed from source.
> Obviously, however, you have to have X Windows installed in order to
> use it with R -- and if you installed R from source code, you need to
> install X Windows *before* installing R. I don't know if order matters
> if you installed the binary.
> If you don't want to use the GUI, and don't want to use X Windows,
> then you are operating outside of my experience. But try starting a
> graphics device using
> quartz()
> *before* issuing any plot() command. See also
> ?Devices
> I believe there may be alternatives to what I've outlined here, but I
> don't know what they are.
> -Don
> At 7:12 PM +0100 4/5/05, Minyu Chen wrote:
>> Dear all:
>> I am a newbie in Mac. Just installed R and found R did not react on
>> my command plot (I use command line in terminal). It did not give me
>> any error message, either. All it did was just giving out a new
>> command prompt--no reaction to the plot command. I suppose whenever I
>> gives out a command of plot, it will invoke the AquaTerm for a small
>> graph, as I experience in octave. What can I do for it?
>> Many thanks,
>> Minyu Chen
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