Re: [R] off-topic question: Latex and R in industries

From: Donald Ingram <>
Date: Fri 08 Apr 2005 - 07:46:02 EST


I work for 'A' electronics test equipment corporation. I have been using R ( since 1.6 ) instead of MATLAB etc. as a general language for data analysis and graph generation. On they way to R I tried Python/Scipy, Scilab and others - but R wins in quality and ease of use (it just needs DSP and GPIB/HPIB libraries to be perfect ).

LaTeX is also my document tool of choice ..

However LaTeX generated pdfs sent out as reports are much disliked.

MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the standards, and very importantly they offer cut and paste ability across the larger team. MS's offerings comes no where near to the quality of LaTex / R, but in world of shared authorship - it's a one sided battle.

My other PC universe vs Unix/OS X problem is vector / Meta-file graphics - essential for quality reports. Postscript, PDF and MS products just don't play. The newest Office and Visio versions seem to be dropping even more of the postscript import and export filters ( which never work very well anyway ).

I have never met any other colleagues who use LaTeX or R.

Any one else sharing the same experiences ?


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From: Wensui Liu <>
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Latex and R are really cool stuff. I am just wondering how they are used in industry. But based on my own experience, very rare. Why?

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