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Adobe Illustrator works with PDFs, either directly or by converting them to Illustrator format. These vector graphics have "infinite" resolution (can be enlarged 64 fold). I find that graphics passed through MS intermediary programs lose resolution.

Illustrator can also convert single-page PostScript documents (most of the time, I have seen some instrument parts diagrams with a large number of crazy loopy lines). PS documents can also be converted with Adobe Acrobat (full version).


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Hi Bert and Jonathan,

When I want a quality report - I write it with pdfLaTeX ( TexShop or TeXnicCenter) with postscript generated diagrams and R plots as pdf's - ( so I can use PC / UNIX / OS X inter-changeably with no problems )

The quality and readability of the pdf document is liked but, and it's a big but is .....

When someone else in the team needs to extract quality vector graphics from the report, I have to give it to them in powerpoint or word document , which means running R again on a PC to get WMF's. Not impossible just extra work. ( Is there a universal vector format I could use ? )

However, and this is probably off topic-R, when I use drawings / schematics in native postscript from a Unix box, using them is fine in LaTeX, but they can't be pasted into MS applications without first rasterizing. The other option I tried - Ghostview seems to mess up line angles and fonts in attempting conversion into WMF. ( If anyone knows a way to avoid this, I will be forever grateful )

My problems - are not R but with general UNIX - PC interoperability

Thanks for the nsf links - it's good to see Latex accepted, I also think the IEEE takes LaTeX, but for the business world it's Word only.


On 7 Apr 2005, at 22:56, Jonathan Baron wrote:

> On 04/07/05 22:46, Donald Ingram wrote:
> However LaTeX generated pdfs sent out as reports are much disliked.
> Really? I don't have this problem. It may have something to do
> with how you make them. With TeTeX, I use either pdflatex or
> dvips followed by dvipdfm. The latter is required when I have
> figures in eps. (ps2pdf is BAD.)
> I believe that these meet the standards of NSF
> ( Unfortunately,
> jsessionid=a8301381731112910739147?areaIndex=3&faqIndex=12
> now recommends that you just send the dvi file. They have given
> up on the possibility of users getting it right, but I think this
> is what they do.
> But all my papers on are done this way.
> Jon
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On 7 Apr 2005, at 22:56, Berton Gunter wrote:

> ??
> R and MS coexist quite nicely. I frequently import R graphics as
> .wmf's into
> e.g. Word and Powerpoint. So I don't understand your remarks.
> Of course, there's no question about R's superiority for data analysis,
> graphs, etc. from any MS product. Incidentally, it is possible to use
> R via
> DCOM to generate data analyses and plots within Excel -- I don't know
> enough
> to be able to do this myself, but I know it can be done.
> -- Bert Gunter
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>> Wensui,
>> I work for 'A' electronics test equipment corporation.
>> I have been using R ( since 1.6 ) instead of MATLAB etc. as a general
>> language for data analysis and graph generation.
>> On they way to R I tried Python/Scipy, Scilab and others -
>> but R wins
>> in quality and ease of use (it just needs DSP and GPIB/HPIB
>> libraries
>> to be perfect ).
>> LaTeX is also my document tool of choice ..
>> However LaTeX generated pdfs sent out as reports are much disliked.
>> MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the standards, and very importantly
>> they offer cut and paste ability across the larger team.
>> MS's offerings comes no where near to the quality of LaTex /
>> R, but in
>> world of shared authorship - it's a one sided battle.
>> My other PC universe vs Unix/OS X problem is vector / Meta-file
>> graphics - essential for quality reports.
>> Postscript, PDF and MS products just don't play. The newest
>> Office and
>> Visio versions seem to be dropping even more of the postscript
>> import and export filters ( which never work very well anyway ).
>> I have never met any other colleagues who use LaTeX or R.
>> Any one else sharing the same experiences ?
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>> Latex and R are really cool stuff. I am just wondering how they are
>> used in industry. But based on my own experience, very rare. Why?
>> How about the opinion of other listers? Thanks.
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