Re: [R] Adapt Function Examples

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Fri 08 Apr 2005 - 17:22:24 EST wrote:

> I have read the help file for Adapt, but I cannot
> create a functn that works. I believe this is because
> I do not understand how to do this, and I have not
> found any working examples posted in the help. I have
> recieved many different errors in my attempts.
> Please post a simple but working use of the adapt
> function in 2 dimensions other than the one in the
> help(adapt) or explain it differently.

So we are talking about function adapt() in package adapt?

 > PLEASE do read the posting guide!

Please specify a simple example of what you are going to do and specify a non-working piece of code. Nobody wants to rephrase a help page not knowing whether it will help or not.

Uwe Ligges

> Thank you
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