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From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sat 09 Apr 2005 - 14:46:33 EST

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Sebastian Luque wrote:

> I'm having trouble understanding how functions in the subset argument for
> lmList search for the objects they need. This trivial example produces
> "Error in rownames(fakedf) : Object "fakedf" not found":
> library(nlme)
> fitbyID <- function() {
> fakedf <- data.frame(ID = gl(5, 10, 50),
> A = sample(1:100, 50),
> B = rnorm(50))
> mycoefs <- lmList(B ~ A | ID,
> data = fakedf,
> subset = !is.element(rownames(fakedf),
> c("3", "10")))
> coef(mycoefs)
> }
> fitbyID()
> If fakedf is already in the workspace, then the function runs fine, so
> rownames seems to be looking for it in the global environment, although
> I'd expect it to search locally first. I suspect this shows some gaps in
> my understanding of environments and related concepts. I'd be grateful for
> some advice on this.

That's not how several functions in nlme were written (I have mentioned it to the authors in the past). lmList.formula contains

     if (!missing(subset)) {
         data <- data[eval(asOneSidedFormula(Call[["subset"]])[[2]],
             data), , drop = FALSE]

So that evaluates 'subset' first in data and then in the body of the lmList. As in S/R the parent frames are not in the scope for that evaluation, it does not look in the body of your function 'fitbyID'.

Functions using the standard paradigm (such as lm) do arrange to do the evaluation in the parent, but that can cause problems if nesting goes deeper (as e.g. in step()). Things were complicated by the change around 1.2.0 to (in the standard paradigm) look in the environment of the formula (not done here).

The simplest workaround is to assign 'fakedf' with some innocuous name (usually beginning with a dot) in the workspace.

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