Re: [R] R-generated animation of a polynomiograph

From: François Pinard <>
Date: Sun 10 Apr 2005 - 13:29:54 EST

> On Saturday 09 April 2005 02.03, François Pinard wrote:
> > The resulting animation, and also the sources, are available at:

> >
> Looks great!

Oops! (I moved files around, managing space for something else, without thinking I need some compatibility link at this previous URL. OK, done!)

Thanks for appreciating this initial try. My real goal was to learn some bits about R, much more than chasing art. Later maybe :-).

I used this little code today for learning how to create an R package. The overall integration of this, including `R CMD check', is impressively nice. Job very well done! (For now, it works only for me when I do _not_ use `-l MY/OWN/LIBDIR' at `R CMD INSTALL' time, I surely made a simple blunder somewhere. Hopefully, I'll figure it out.)

                                            Keep happy, everbody!

François Pinard

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