[R] functions(t.test) on variables by groups

From: Hai Lin <kevinvol2002_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed 13 Apr 2005 - 01:44:08 EST

Dear R users,

I have a data frame with categorical Vars. "Groups" and a couple columns of numeric Vars. I am trying to make two-sample t.test on each variable(s01-s03) by Groups.

A data generated as following:

zot <- data.frame(Groups=rep(letters[1:2], each=4), s01=rnorm(8), s02=rnorm(8), s03=rnorm(8))

I have written a piece with a for loop. for (i in 1:(length(zot)-1)) {


I wish something can be easier extracted or can save it within for loop, or not even using for loop.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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