Re: [R] Combine univariate time series

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Wed 13 Apr 2005 - 22:01:06 EST

On 4/13/05, Joerg Klausen <> wrote:
> Hallo everyone
> I have two univariate time series (class ts) describing the same variable. They have the same resolution, but span different periods in time with a big gap in between. I need to append one to the other such that they are one object, with the gap filled with NAs. The method ts.union produces a multivariate time series where the time axis is correct, but the individual time series are not combined into one.

If ts1 and ts2 are two ts series:

both <- ts.union(ts1, ts2)
pmax(both[,1], both[,2], na.rm = TRUE) mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Wed Apr 13 22:08:16 2005

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