Re: [R] Fitting a mixed negative binomial model

From: Ben Bolker <>
Date: Thu 14 Apr 2005 - 03:21:17 EST

   I *think* (but am not sure) that these guys were actually (politely) advertising a commercial package that they're developing. But, looking at the web page, it seems that this module may be freely available -- can't tell at the moment.


On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Henric Nilsson wrote:

> Ben Bolker said the following on 2005-04-12 21:40:
>> This is a little bit tricky (nonlinear, mixed, count data ...) Off the
>> top of my head, without even looking at the documentation, I think your
>> best bet for this problem would be to use the weights statement to allow
>> the variance to be proportional to the mean (and add a normal error term
>> for individuals) -- this would be close to equivalent to the log-Poisson
>> model used by Elston et al. (Parasitology 2001, 122, 563-569, "Analysis of
>> aggregation, a worked example: numbers of ticks on red grouse chicks"),
>> and might do what you want.
> A recent posting
> suggests that an R function for fitting the negative binomial mixed-effects
> model actually exists.
> HTH,
> Henric

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