Re : [R] Fitting a mixed negative binomial model

From: Naji <>
Date: Thu 14 Apr 2005 - 21:18:26 EST

Ben Dave & all,

I'm a user of ADModel (product of Otter Research) Just a word to say that for maximisation, I always rely on Admodel. It's really fast (amazing when you have an important number of parameters), can be used either as a standalone application or as DLL I do use GAUSS (Aptech), R & Stata for my research.. For optimization, this product deserves your attention..
I'm not aware of ADMB-RE so can tell nothing about it

Best regards
Naji Nassar

Le 13/04/05 21:05, « dave fournier » <> a écrit :

>> I *think* (but am not sure) that these guys were actually (politely)
>> advertising a commercial package that they're developing. But,
> looking >at
>> the web page, it seems that this module may be freely available -- >can't
>> tell at the moment.
>> Ben
> The Software for negative binomial mixed models will be
> free ie free as in you can use it without paying anything.
> It is built using our
> proprietary software. The idea is to show how our software
> is good for building nonlinear statstical models including
> those with random effects. Turning our stand alone software
> into somethng that can be called easily from r has been a
> bit of a steep learning curve for me, but we are making progress.
> So far we have looked at 3 models. The model in Booth et al. (easy).
> An overdispersed data set that turned out probably be
> a zero inflated poisson (faily easy but the negative binomial
> is only fit to be rejected for the simpler model) and
> what appears to be a true negative binomial (difficult but
> doable) and we are discussing the form of the model with the
> person who wishes to analyze it.
> A few more data sets would be useful if anyone has
> an application so that we can ensure the robustness of our
> software.
> Dave
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