[R] Error while generating dendrogram

From: Tae-Hoon Chung <thchung_at_tgen.org>
Date: Sat 16 Apr 2005 - 10:04:14 EST

Hi, All;

When I was trying to convert the result object of hierarchical clustering into an instance of dendrogram class using as.dendrogram() and plot the resulting dendrogram horizontally, I got the following error message:

[1] "evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion\ Options(expression=)?"
[1] "try-error"

This error happened while I was experimenting a function generating a composite plot of heatmap + dendrogram of gene clusters + dendrogram of sample clusters in microarray data analysis. The source chunk is a bit long but the part of origin for error is like this:


hc <- hclust(mat, "single")     ### THIS WORKED FINE!
plot(hc, hang=-1)     ### THIS ALSO WORKED FINE! IMAGE GENERATED

dend <- as.dendrogram(hc) ### THIS SEEMS TO WORK FINE!
plot(dend, horizontal=T, axes=F, ann=F, yaxs="i", leaflab="none") ### ERROR!
  1. Can anyone suggest solutions? Actually this is first time I get this type of error message.
  2. If converting hc to dendrogram class causes the trouble, is there anyone who can suggest a simple method of generating a dendrogram in horizontal direction not in vertical direction?

Thanks in advance;
Tae-Hoon Chung

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