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Date: Mon 18 Apr 2005 - 08:54:51 EST

You need to think about it just a bit harder.

[Hint: what happens if you leave out the first 'which' and just make

ids <- (d[, 1] > 0)

does it work then...?]

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Subject: [R] array indexing and which

Hi R friends!

I am stuck with a stupid question: I can circumvent it but I would like to
understand why it is wrong. It would be nice if you could give me a hint...

I have an 2D array d and do the following: ids <- which(d[,1]>0)

then I have a vector gk with same column size as d and do:
ids2 <- which(gk[ids]==1)

but I can't interprete the result I get in ids2.

I get the expected result when I use:
which(gk==1 & d[,1]>0)

Why is the first version wrong?

The reason why I try to use the ids vectors is that I want to avoid recomputation.

Thanks for your help!

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