Re: [R] Package 'R2HTML'

From: Christoph Lehmann <>
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2005 - 01:11:33 EST

try this litte example:
save the code below in a file test.Rnw and call then

Sweave("test.Rnw", driver = RweaveHTML())


<h1>testing r2html</h1>
<p>look at this: here you can write some text</p>
<font color="darkred"><b><Sexpr format(Sys.time(),"%Y")></b></font>.
summary(data.frame(c(1,2,3), c(3,4,5)))
<p>insert some graphics</p>
print(plot(c(1:30), c(1:30)))


hope it helps

let me know

Singh, Avneet wrote:

> I recently learnt how to use Sweave which is a wonderful tool
> After which i also tried to use R2HTML as it would allow many of my
> colleagues who dont use latex to be able to use and edit my work. I was
> unable to make it work and couldnt find a way to implement it. I got some
> errors.
> I wonder if you could help me with it
> i have a windows 2000 OS and the version of R is "R version 1.9.1,
> 2004-06-21"
> This is the command i gave followed by the output, i couldnt find much info
> on "SweaveParseOptions"
> Writing to file Sweave-test-1.html
> Processing code chunks ...
> Error: couldn't find function "SweaveParseOptions"
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> theories to suit facts."
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