[R] Ranking within a classification variable.

From: Rolf Turner <rolf_at_math.unb.ca>
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2005 - 01:47:39 EST

Suppose I have a data frame with two columns ``district'' and ``score'' --- score is numeric; district may be considered categorical.

I wish to append to this data frame a third column whose entries are the ranks of ``score'' ***within*** district.

I've tried fiddling about with tapply() and by() but the result is a list whose i-th component consists of the ranks of the scores within the i-th district. I then have trouble figuring out how to put these results into a column of the data frame in the proper order.

Is there a slick-quick-sexy way of doing this (without resorting to looping)? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help bestowed.


					Rolf Turner

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