[R] Tips for a longtime S-Plus user moving to R

From: Kevin E. Thorpe <kevin.thorpe_at_utoronto.ca>
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2005 - 23:23:56 EST


I have been using S-Plus for many years now (>13) and have recently started to use R as well. I have been interested in R for sometime, but until recently, have not been in a position to devote much time to it, but I digress.

Besides some of the more technical differences between R ans S-Plus described in the FAQ, there are other simple differences I have encountered. For example, S-Plus has a function stdev() for calculating standard deviations while in R the corresponding function is sd(), which was easily found by looking at the help. Another example, crosstabs() in S-Plus versus xtabs() in R.

I am also learning, thanks to this list, that R has many useful functions that S-Plus does not. I recently learned of the subset() function which seems to replace constructions like df[df$x==something,].

I am very interested in learning about other "high level" differences between R and S-Plus like the examples above. I have downloaded the excellent reference card created by Tom Short. I have been scanning the lists of functions in the help system for the "standard" (base, stats, etc.) packages. Both of these activities have been profitable.

Please share your experiences, tips, resources you have come across. I will be pleased to summarise the responses to the list.

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