[R] heatmaps depending on RAM?

From: Thomas Zander <Thomas.Zander_at_uk-koeln.de>
Date: Fri 22 Apr 2005 - 01:19:45 EST

I have the following problem. Analysing affymetrix data I calculated euclidean distances between samples and visualized the results in a heatmap. Prior data were vsn normalized.

heatmap(as.matrix(dist(t(exprs(TGF_eset.vsn[(tvlist),])))), col=colourRamp)

Depending on the memory I assign to R (512MB, 1024MB, 1536MB) I get slightly different results. Exactly the same scripts were used. Although main results remain in the detail I have differences. Is there any explanation for these results?

thanks for the help

Thomas Zander

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