[R] Help needed with lattice graph!

From: Sander Oom <slist_at_oomvanlieshout.net>
Date: Fri 22 Apr 2005 - 18:29:53 EST

Dear R users,

If I manage to sort out this graph, it is certainly a candidate for the new R graph gallery

I created the following lattice graph:

tmp <- expand.grid(geology = c("Sand","Clay","Silt","Rock"),

   species =

   dist = seq(1,9,1) )
tmp$height <- rnorm(216)
sps <- trellis.par.get("superpose.symbol") sps$pch <- 1:6
trellis.par.set("superpose.symbol", sps)

   xyplot( height ~ dist | geology, data = tmp,

     groups = species, type = "b", cex = 1.2,
     layout = c(2,2),
     lines = list(col="grey"),
     key = list(columns = 2, type = "b", cex = 1.2,
       text = list(paste(unique(tmp$species))),
       points = Rows(sps, 1:6)


However, for once, the R defaults are not to my liking. I plot the graph to postscript and the result is less then optimal.

I would like to plot the point symbols in black and white, both in the graphs and the key. I would like the lines to be a single style (grey or a light dash) and preferably the lines do not go through the symbols
(like figure 4.11 in the MASS book).

I have tried many, many options, but results varied from wrong symbols to wrong things plotted. Splitting the lines and points over different panels seems the way, but I can not make it work.

Your help is much appreciated! This graph and the resulting black and white graph will be posted on the R graph gallery.



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