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From: Sam Ferguson <>
Date: Sun 24 Apr 2005 - 10:30:24 EST

Hi - Just for the record -

Another option for the less command line orientated is
Which is an extension to firefox that allows you to download all or only selected links on a webpage. You can tick or untick whichever links you want. Quite convenient.

-- Sam

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:55:52 +0100 (BST), <> wrote:

> On 21-Apr-05 Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
>> I use wget under Windows all the time.
>> However, if you use Internet Explorer (as your cafe probably
>> does but I try not to), you can just open
>> and it will show up as a folder. Just copy that folder
>> (e.g. drag it to a user area). It has to be ftp:// - this is
>> part of the inbuilt ftp client.
>> (It works for uploading too, which is why I know about it.)
>> The problem either way is that you will get the Archive, which
>> is much larger than the current part. So I actually use rsync
>> to avoid this.
> Yes, this is precisely why I wanted something like wget!
> Rsync would probably have been persona non grata at the "cafe".
> Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the help, wget worked a
> treat. I hadn't heard of it for Windows (not that I'd given
> it a thought previously); nor, incidentally, had the "cafe"
> proprietor!
> The command I used for "contrib" was (as from the directory
> where the wget.exe file and its .dll files are stored)
> wget -v -r -l1 -P Rcontrib
> which grabs every file (and any directory stubs) immediately
> below the path given, but no further down, and puts them
> locally at the bottom of a path, below a new directory "Rcontrib",
> which has the same structure as the URL.
> The "-v" gives verbose, so the proprietor was duly impressed
> as hundreds of download reports flashed up the screen, and
> duly thanked me for "a very useful piece of software".
> Hoping this report from the scene may be of use or encouragement
> to any others thinking of doing the same sort of thing,
> Thanks again,
> Ted.
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