RE: [R] installing R-2.1.0 from source on Fedora Core 3 with tclt k

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Tue 26 Apr 2005 - 22:56:19 EST

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, Liaw, Andy wrote:

> On my FC3 for x86_64 (Athlon64 3000+) at home, R-patched from today compiled
> just fine, and tcltk works. The version of tcl, tcl-devel, tk and tk-devel
> are all 8.4.7-2.

Indeed. Since FC3 is the platform used by two (at least) of R-core and both have 64-bit machines, it would be surprising if there were a problem there.

>> From: Jonathan Baron
>> I installed from source on Fedora Core 3 starting with the
>> command
>> ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-tcltk
>> (The --with-tcltk may not be necessary, but there seems to be
>> some correlation between using it and getting it to work.)
>> It would not compile with tcltk, even though I had both tcl and
>> tk rpms installed.
>> Various fooling around let me to get
> (even though it is supposedly for Windows), unzip it in the
> R-2.0.0/ directory (where the tar file put itself), and also
> install rpms for tcl-devel and tk-devel, which I did not have.
> When I did both of these things, it worked. Either one of them
> alone (the ..devel rpms or the did not suffice.

You need the non-devel rpms as well, and that is what I think you are picking up from the (which is Tcl pre-compiled for Windows).

> (However, it isn't clear that a single trial experiment is
> sufficient to determine what works.)
> My own problem is solved for the moment. But others may benefit
> from this report, and it may be that the installation
> documentation needs minor tweaking. (Or it may be that I did
> something else wrong, but right now I doubt that.)

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