Re: [R] how to modify and compile R sourse codes

From: David Whiting <>
Date: Wed 27 Apr 2005 - 17:54:29 EST

Zhongming Yang <> writes:

You can get the source code from the source package and modify it. You'll have to read the relevant documentation about the tools you need to compile it---see the archives, there was a discussion recently about this, and see the documenation that comes with R. I don't use Windows so I can't give any more advice.

Depending on what you need to do you might find that what you need is already in the CVS version of Hmisc. The code was added recently and is mentioned here:

A PDF with a few simple examples (created while developing and testing the code) are shown here:

The new options allow you to use any latex command (declaration) to format row and column names, row and column group labels, and each cell of a table individually. Defining new commands in the preamble of your LaTeX document you can great all sorts of splendid (and awful!) combinations of formats.

The current version (3.0-5) has options to format the row and column group labels (note that in the CVS version the option name for the column group labels has changed).

In case you are not aware of it I should mention that the Sweave function in the tools package is wonderful for creating automated reports.

HTH David

> Dear All:
> I am working on writing some R functions to make statistical reports
> automatically. Dr. Harrell's Hmisc has all the wonderful stuff. But
> sometimes I need change some formats, so I want to read through it and
> make some modifications to fit my project.
> Ideally, I want proceed as following: 1. change some source of Hmisc
> 2. compile and install the modified Hmisc 3. debug my modified
> functions.
> And I am working on windows 2000.
> Could anyone give some suggestions on the tools and the best way to do
> this?
> Thanks
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