Re: [R] libz library missing while installing RMySQL

From: Sebastian Leuzinger <>
Date: Thu 28 Apr 2005 - 00:23:37 EST

Thanks Jari
although these libraries are installed now, I get the following message:

Configuration error:
  could not find the MySQL installation include and/or library   directories. Manually specify the location of the MySQL   libraries and the header files and re-run R CMD INSTALL.

Somebody has had this problem before but that did not help me. Can somebody give me a hint?

On Wednesday 27 April 2005 10:40, you wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 09:43 +0200, Sebastian Leuzinger wrote:
> > Hello
> > Trying to install the MySQL package, I get the following error. The help
> > archive contains something on this issue but did not help. I work on
> > linux suse 9.3
> >
> > Configuration error:
> > Could not locate the library "libz" required by MySQL.
> >
> > The library libz however is not on any mirrors I checked.
> Sebastian, You made some R core people very happy: they have tried very
> hard to explain that there is a difference between a *library* and a
> *package*, and that this difference really matters. This seems to be the
> first case on R-News when this distinction really seems to matter: you
> need a library. I don't know about SuSE (or with some other really
> weird capitalization), but in my system libz belongs to package zlib
> that you must install, and in my system you'd probably need zlib-devel
> as well (this is FC3). So they are system level libraries that come with
> SuSe instead of R packages.
> cheers, jari oksanen

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